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Hong Yuen Electronic Safety Management has always adhered to the working principle of "people-oriented, safety first, prevention first, all-staff action, comprehensive management", strictly in accordance with the requirements of the safety management system of the group and company, fully implemented the main responsibility system of safety production, and comprehensively completed the work of safety production in accordance with "one post, two responsibilities".

The company has set up a safety production committee headed by the general manager and has various safety groups. According to the relevant laws, regulations, safety standardization system of the state and local governments, the company has established the responsibility system for safety production posts, safety production rules and regulations, safety operation rules and so on. Every year, the "Safety Production Responsibility Letter" has been signed at various levels to clarify the safety production responsibility of personnel at all levels. Safety production indicators and safety production work should be horizontal to side and vertical to the end, and efforts should be made to promote the safety construction of grass-roots classes. The Security Committee and the safety team regularly carry out routine inspection, special inspection, holiday inspection, seasonal change inspection, comprehensive inspection, superior inspection, multi-angle and all-round potential safety hazard investigation mechanism, strengthen the daily maintenance of safety equipment and facilities to ensure their safe and stable operation.

The safety concept of "life first, safety development" is deeply rooted in the whole staff. The company carries out site and post inspection strictly in accordance with the requirements of national occupational disease prevention and control management, builds the whole site, post protection measures, warning signs, training and education management.

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