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Hong Yuen  Electronics pays attention to the R & D and investment of technological innovation, and has strong research and development strength in all aspects of software and hardware. With project cooperation as the link, industry university research cooperates with scientific research institutions and research institutions in R & D. In 2012, we cooperated with the school of light industry and chemical engineering of Guangdong University of technology to carry out the research on "new technology for resource recovery of nitric acid waste tin liquor", and jointly successfully applied for the science and technology plan project of Guangdong Province, and achieved good results. There are several projects under research and development.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, cooperate with Dongguan technology innovation center to complete intelligent manufacturing diagnosis, formulate the company's digital and intelligent development direction, and determine the implementation route for the company's ERP upgrade, inplan, incam, super integration, desktop cloud, MES and other systems.

Cooperate with well-known software companies in the field of office automation system, design and build OA office automation platform according to the characteristics of business process of the company, and realize paperless, automatic and mobile daily business process.

Keep close cooperation with well-known material and equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, introduce high-function materials and equipment for new product development. We have been working closely with our customers to develop new products, and have won the most awesome suppliers, excellent suppliers, and ten years' cooperation partners.

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