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Conflict-free material procurement policy

Hong Yuen Electronics Factory Limited/Dongguan Hong Yuen Electronics Limited responded to the global low-level action on conflict substances, promising not to use conflict substances, not to accept raw minerals mined by Congo and neighbouring conflict countries in Central Africa, and to respond with Kangyuan suppliers through responsible procurement practices.

To ensure that metals such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) are not from mining areas in the conflict zone of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Hong Yuen itself, and the metals used in manufacturing products, especially gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W), must understand and support the actions of the Citizens Alliance for the Electronic Industry (EICC) and the Global Action for the Sustainable Development of Electronic Products (GeSI). In addition to requiring suppliers to comply with the "Conflict-Free Material Purchasing Policy of Kangyuan", they should also fill out the questionnaire "EICC-GeSI Conflict-Free Metal Report" and sign the "Conflict-Free Material Commitment".

No use of RoHS 2.0 directives and environmental regulations

Commitment to Ban/Manage Substances

With the improvement of global awareness of environmental protection, all countries in the world have restricted the harmful substances contained in products in the form of laws and regulations. In order to follow the principles of protecting the earth's environment, reducing the environmental load and maintaining the sustainable development of society, Hong Yuen Electronics Co., Ltd. / Dongguan Hong Yuen Electronics Co., Ltd. combines with the European Union's "Directive on Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment" WEEE and the "Directive on Prohibiting the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment" RoHS 2.0, REACH regulations, and China's RoHS " Measures for the Management of Substance Restriction, Measures for the Prevention and Smelting of Environmental Pollution by Electronic Waste, Requirements for the Process Management System of Hazardous Substances in IECQ QC080000:2017 and the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and standards of the industry, establish HSPM Hazardous Substances Management System, and implement it in accordance with the requirements of Hazardous Substances Management System to continuously improve the level of Hazardous Substances Management System; Production process, product delivery and other links to meet the EU RoHS 2.0 Directive, customer RoHS 2.0 products and to provide customers with product needs.。

Hong Yuen's solemn commitment:

The products supplied to you do not use or restrict the use of harmful substances controlled by EU RoHS 2.0 Directive and customer RoHS 2.0 products; ensure that the products supplied to you do not intentionally add any prohibited/restricted substances in relevant environmental regulations.。

ROHS2.0 requirement:

Cd<100ppm             Pb<1000ppm               Hg<1000ppm              Cr6+<1000ppm         PBB<1000ppm       
PBDE<1000ppm       DEHP<1000ppm          BBP<1000ppm             DBP<1000ppm           DIBP<1000ppm

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