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Hong Yuen is positioned to produce and sell new electronic components (high density interconnected laminates, multi-layer flexible plates, rigid-flexible printed circuit boards and packaging carrier boards). Establish R&D institutions to research and develop new electronic components (high density interconnected laminates, multilayers) Flexible board, rigid-flexible printed circuit board and packaging board. It belongs to the high-tech products supported by the state, and is widely used in the fields of communication, automobile, consumption, industry/medical treatment, etc. Its market is wide and stepwise in America, Europe, China and Asia-Pacific.

We always believe that self-cultivation of talents is the most valuable investment of the company. Therefore, the company adheres to the company's development strategy and human resources development, from the system level, operational level, resource support and other levels to continuously improve the personnel trainings
  • Marketing Engineer

    experience3 years'experience /      
    Job content/Job description:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Collect high-quality customer information through network, exhibition and other resources to develop overseas customers.

    2. Promote the transformation and introduction of our technology according to the needs of overseas customers and the future trend of the market.

    3. Comprehensive evaluation of new customers, screening high-quality customers for development, to achieve the company's sales objectives;

    4. Conduct business negotiations with customers, quote suitable products after evaluation, and organize internal and customer visits to achieve customer satisfaction;

    5. Pre-check the customer information, organize internal research and communicate with customers for products with special process and quality requirements, so as to achieve the goal of smoothly introducing the project.

    6. Supervise the internal production of customer samples to ensure the smooth delivery of products and achieve the purpose of sample conversion;

    7. Develop new projects of old customers horizontally by maintaining good communication and cooperation with old customers.




    1. College degree or above. Majors in marketing, English and Japanese are preferred.

    2. Fluent spoken English or Japanese;

    3. Over 3 years'experience in foreign trade development of large-scale manufacturing industry;

    4. Be able to independently complete customer development work.

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  • Marketing Engineer (Japanese)

    experience /      
    Job content/Job description:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Audit customer PO and deal with SO;

    2. Follow up the production and delivery of customer orders, and promote the implementation, in order to achieve the customer's delivery plan and complete the delivery on time;

    3. According to the customer's delivery plan, arrange the delivery plan to the finished warehouse and delivery team to meet the customer's punctual delivery.

    4. Follow up and prepare materials according to customer orders to meet customer delivery;

    5. Supervise internal follow-up solutions to customer complaints, returns and other engineering quality issues to achieve customer satisfaction;

    6. Assist the Finance Department to do a good job of customer reconciliation and follow-up of receivables, so as to achieve the purpose of timely payment of accounts payable;



    1. College degree or above, with unlimited majors and gender;

    2. Above N2 level in Japanese, fluent communication;

    3. Teamwork spirit and good ability to assist the team in developing new customers and projects;

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  • C# Development Engineer

    experience /      
    Job content/Job description:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Complete the system engineering design and database design tasks undertaken by the product team;

    2. Complete program code independently.

    3. Organize test code;

    4. Strictly abide by development, code and document specifications.


    1. Be proficient in using ASP and. net (C#) to develop B/S framework projects;

    2. At least 1 year experience in project development;

    3. Have design and technical documents related to writing software;

    4. Skilled in MYSQL Live SQL Server database;

    5. Proficient in c#s database development;

    6. Understanding visual software is preferred.

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  • Hardware Engineer

    experience /      
    Job content/Job description:

    Job responsibilities


    1. Maintain the company's computer hardware and peripheral equipment, network, monitoring telephone, etc.

    2. Deal with the malfunction of mailbox, domain server, firewall, anti-spam equipment, file server and daily maintenance to make it run normally.

    3. Periodically evaluate all kinds of equipment and computer accessories, and dispose of unusable waste.

    4. Planning, designing, coordinating maintenance personnel laying and installing monitoring system to solve the problems and make the monitoring and video recording normal.




    1. College degree or above in electronic information, mechanical and electronic or other related fields. Excellent persons are not limited to their academic qualifications.

    2. Good teamwork spirit and a certain degree of pressure resistance;

    3. Be skilled in troubleshooting of general desktop office software.

    4. Be proficient in handling hardware failures of computers and peripheral products.

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  • Environmental engineer

    experience /      
    Job content/Job description:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. To be responsible for the operation and management of the company's environmental protection facilities, so as to make the discharge of wastewater and waste gas meet the environmental protection requirements;


    2. To be responsible for the daily management of environmental protection of the company, to put forward suggestions for improvement in view of the situation that causes environmental pollution, and to instruct relevant departments to solve the problem within a time limit;

    3. To be responsible for the declaration of the transfer of hazardous wastes and the declaration, annual inspection and renewal of pollutant discharge permits;

    4. Be responsible for dealing with the purchase license business of special chemicals such as highly toxic and precursor chemicals;

    5. Maintain contact with municipal and town environmental protection departments and cooperate with on-site inspection, guidance and supervision of environmental law enforcement personnel.


    1. Experience in sewage treatment/pure water reuse treatment for 2 years or more;

    2. Understand the operation parameters of each treatment process and equipment.

    3. Proficiency in office software;

    4. Major in environmental engineering is preferred.

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